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Managing Director Katie

Katie has worked in marketing for over 17 years. After working within in-house marketing teams in a variety of international, B2B and B2C roles, in 2014 Katie decided to branch out into her own internet marketing company with activ as a franchisee to form Bull Solutions in South Wales with clients across the UK.

Today, Katie has become activ marketing group’s owner and Managing Director following a successful acquisition in January 2021 and continues to drive the long-standing business success of activ and Bull Solutions together with our head office team and franchisees.

Outside of work Katie is an avid country music fan and would ideally have been born in Nashville, one of her favourite places in the world!

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Technical Support Manager Richard

Richard has been the Technical Support Manager at activ internet marketing company since 2008. He is the king of technical here and keeps hundreds upon hundreds of websites live, updated and fully supported!

He really is the central cog in our activ wheel.

His extensive knowledge of website, server, email and domain management means projects runs smoothly and our franchisees always have the right technical answer for their clients. Over the years he has launched thousands of websites for our franchisees and direct clients.

Richard has 4 children and spends any free time playing the guitar or walking his dog, he also looks after generations of stick insects!

Technical Project Manager Tom

Starting out by creating websites as business startups, Tom turned his attention to crafting websites for businesses, ideas, and projects to help their visions and dreams get off the ground.

Tom has specialized in creating fully functional websites on WordPress on since 2014 working on a vast range of products that has allowed him to gather a wealth of knowledge and experience across a number of markets.

Tom has a great passion for clean design that captures those viewing the site and absorbs them in, exceptional UX allowing ease of use by both the user and the client, and working with clients helping bringing their ideas to life and reducing their pain points creating a more efficient workflow. This means that the website is more than just a tool for communicating information.

In his spare time, Tom likes to explore the great outdoors visiting national parks and manor houses throughout England and Wales with his wife and two children and playing computer games.

Tyrone black
Lead Developer Tyrone

Tyrone started developing websites since 2011 and joined activ in 2014. He has a strong drive and welcomes any challenge to provide possible solutions to support the team and activ’s clients.

When he first learned to code he was building desktop applications, then at some point he tried web development and fell in love with it. He gained diverse experience starting from designing all the way to building complex functionality. 

Outside of the digital world Tyrone loves spending some quality time with his family and friends.

Kirby black
Developer Kirby

Kirby has a keen eye for great design. He’s been developing great websites since 2009 and places particular focus on creating simple and clean sites for clients.

When he is not in front of a monitor you will find him talking walks, designing and building amazing furniture pieces and other accessories or taking care of his beloved dog and a colony of rabbits!
Camille black
Marketing and Administration Manager Camille

Camille has been a part of activ since 2013 and knows all there is to know about what goes on behind the scenes! Her key skills lie within administration, marketing, and public relations. 

She brings a great deal of organisation to the team and keeps everyone in-line in the process! Camille also loves reading and writing during her free time.
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